Thursday, July 23, 2009

Opening Shift Side work

So welcome to our blog, The Shift Drink! After working in the restaurant industry as waiters for years we are tired of reading articles about New York City restaurants from a critics' perspective. Now it's the waiter's turn! As waiters, we see the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, and let us tell you it's not pretty. There is the mean chef yelling at you because a customer returned and cried about a medium rare filet mignon that they wanted rare to medium rare. Good luck making that happen! Or the crazy manager who has worked in the industry way too long and had dreams of becoming the next Picasso! Or even the bus boy who doesn't even want to help you take that dirty martini to the table and he/she says to you, "That's not my job!" Yet we still have to bring teeth and tits to the table after the nagging manager says, "Don't forget to smile!" Yeah, I'll smile when you get me a shot of Wild Turkey! No rocks please! And this is only a slice of the pie, so let the shift start! We will let you know all the great spots in the New York City area from a waiter's perspective. So let's 86 those crappy critics and somebody get me that shot of Wild Turkey, it's gonna be a long shift!